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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Swarms |

Captured swarm 22 November

Article below from Mary, who witnessed and photographed her hive swarm yesterday and pictures in the gallery of Ken retrieving it from a tree in her garden..interesting read..

Wednesday 23 November 2012

This morning about 10.30 I noticed our bees swarming. I kept watched till they settled & luckily it was in a tree in the garden.

I notified Ken as on Sunday when the hive was inspected Ken saw a virgin Queen & said they would swarm. He was able to capture the swarm successfully & has them in a closed bee box where they will be o.k. for two or three days. We will decide on what to do with them. 

Ken said the original queen is with the swarmed bees & the new queen has taken over the hive and what bees that didn’t get collected from the swarm have gone back to the hive. 

Mary Lacy